Professional Liability

Porter Scott’s professional liability group possesses decades of experience advocating for professionals before licensing boards, arbitrators, mediators and at trial.

Sound representation in the professional liability arena requires multi-faceted expertise and experience. The firm has a long history of successfully defending individuals or businesses sued in their professional capacity. The professional liability team understands that their professional clients’ reputation, and often their entire career, can be at stake in such matters. The firm is particularly sensitive to our professional clients’ goals, and how those goals may be impacted by potential outcomes in litigation. Porter Scott consistently balances an aggressive defense with the need to efficiently and effectively achieve the best possible result for an array of professionals such as:

  • Architects and engineers
  • Escrow practices professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Directors and officers
  • Corporate governance professionals
  • Accounting and financial services professionals
  • Insurance brokers
  • Contractors
  • Real estate professionals
  • Professional License Defense

Successfully defended delay damage case involving engineer responsible for construction of a large public office building. The case involved an approximate $100M demand.

Successfully defended a geotechnical engineer in prevailing on motion for summary judgment based upon lack of duty.  The geotechnical engineer prevailed and received costs.

Summary Judgment granted as to pharmacy malpractice claim against retailer and pharmacist for alleged cancellation of a prescription.

Successfully defended claims of Elder Abuse, negligence and wrongful death against nursing home resulting in successful summary adjudication of Elder Abuse claims and dismissal of remaining claims without further cost to client.

Successfully defended hospital and two individually named nurses against allegations of Elder Abuse, Wrongful Death, Negligence and Unfair Business Practices resulting in dismissal of claims against the clients without any payment on their behalf.

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