Our attorneys are experienced in handling the unique issues faced by all types of educational institutions.

Porter Scott has a long history of representing educational institutions. This extensive experience enables our attorneys to provide cost-effective and practical advice, training, negotiation services, and litigation defense. Because we know the unique issues faced by schools, you can be confident your interests are protected.

We have represented public school agencies on a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Student rights and discipline
  • School facilities issues such as construction defect and ADA Compliance
  • Dangerous condition of public property
  • Discrimination, retaliation, and harassment claims
  • Tort claims involving students and staff
  • Unpaid wage claims
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Title IX claims

Obtained summary judgment for school district after a teacher sued claiming that he was harassed by his third grade students. The teacher also claimed his termination for poor performance was retaliatory.

Obtained summary judgment for a University and one of its employee’s claims of gender discrimination and gender harassment. Affirmed on appeal.

Obtained summary judgment for school district on claims of defamation arising out of termination of the employee for fraud.

Vicarious Liability

by: Jonathan A. Corr and Kimberly L. Kakavas Consider this hypothetical: a business owner is sued and named as a defendant in a lawsuit. The alleged wrongful conduct was not committed by the business owner, but …

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School District Can Be Vicariously Liable In Cases of Employee-Student Sexual Assault

by: Carl L. Fessenden and Derek J. Haynes The California Supreme Court recently issued its decision in C.A. v. William S. Hart Union High School District, holding that school districts can be vicariously liable for negligent …

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Court Rules That Information-Regardless of Timing-Is Key to the Reasonableness of a C.C.P. Section 998 Offer to Compromise

by: David Melton, Lindsay Goulding and Colleen Howard California’s Second District Court of Appeal held on January 15, 2013 that a plaintiff’s offer to compromise pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure § 998 was reasonable, and thus …

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Making the Legal World a Nicer Place

by: Nancy Sheehan “Membership in the bar is a privilege burdened with conditions.  A fair private and professional character is one of them.”  These words were written by Justice Cardozo in 1917 and have been repeated …

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