Why Porter Scott?

Early Responsibility

At Porter Scott, we recognize that taking on responsibility is an important part of an attorney’s professional development. From the earliest days at the firm, associates are given opportunities to work directly with clients on challenging and complex projects. In addition, new associates typically have immediate opportunities to take and defend depositions, attend court hearings and argue motions. As a result, our attorneys enjoy a unique opportunity to have early hands on real world experiences. Under the guidance of senior lawyers, associates develop skills working on matters that require creative thinking and innovative solutions.


We believe that an associate’s success will be enhanced by their interactions with other attorneys at the firm. Associates at Porter Scott work with a group of dedicated and talented professionals who are committed to supporting the growth and advancement of new attorneys through training programs, formal and informal mentoring and through outside professional development opportunities.

We recognize that the first years of practice can be challenging and full of new experiences. To ease in that transition, upon joining the firm, each new associate is paired with a more senior attorney who is formally charged with the responsibility of providing mentorship and professional development guidance. The mentor program provides an opportunity for new attorneys to receive advice and gain a perspective of the firm from someone who does not directly supervise their work.

Trial Skills

Porter Scott holds the unique position of being the only major firm in the region to focus on litigation. This affords associates an opportunity to attend and conduct depositions, court hearings, arbitrations, and mediations; as well as argue motions and eventually trials. In addition, the large number of trials and arbitrations the firm handles means that associates are immersed in trial preparation very early in their careers. The firm encourages attorneys to obtain as much courtroom experience as possible. The number of trials handled by the firm provides significantly more opportunities for young attorneys to get this experience than at many other firms.


At Porter Scott, we pick up where law school leaves off. In addition to numerous in-house MCLE training programs, Porter Scott provides its new associates with an inclusive training program in the areas of professionalism, work organization, time keeping, working with staff, policies and procedures, ethics, professional responsibility, firm economics, depositions, discovery, law and motions, and marketing. Associates also receive one-on-one mentoring from senior attorneys to allow for constructive criticism and tips in utilizing effective strategies to achieve success. We also sponsor participation in legal, business and civic organizations outside of the firm so associates can build important relationships within the community.