The only constant in the law is change. Here’s our take on the latest changes and why they matter to you.

Important Update on Qualified Immunity

US Supreme Court grants Qualified Immunity The doctrine of qualified immunity, when properly applied, shields law enforcement from burdensome litigation and armchair quarterbacking in federal court. In its first decision of 2017, White v. Pauly, …

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Important Update for Healthcare Professionals

CA Supreme Court clarifies Professional v. Ordinary Negligence in a Hospital Setting (C.C.P. § 340.5) On May 5th, 2016, the Supreme Court of California issued a minor victory for hospitals and other healthcare clinics who have found themselves …

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Important Update for Design Professionals

Upcoming Senate Bill 885 Following the infamous rulings in Crawford v. Weather Shield and UDC-Universal Development v. CH2M Hill, anybody associated with the construction industry knows that almost every construction contract contains an indemnity provision that …

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New 2016 Employment Laws

New and Updated Employment Laws in 2016 For most of us, ringing in a new year means party hats, noisemakers, and lists of resolutions that are more than likely doomed to failure. For California employers, the …

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